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LeeLee Jewels was created out of the idea that jewelry is just as important as apparel in expressing your personal style. I wanted to create a destination for jewelry lovers & style enthusiasts, & encourage you to look at jewelry as the ultimate fashion accessory. LeeLee Jewels Jewelry is for the modern woman who has a love for style & luxury at an affordable price. Our website is dedicated to your security and privacy.... so happy shopping!
Leslie Arenas
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Featured Products

Gold Diva Temporary Tattoo
A fun trend that I wanted my LeeLee Jewels beauties to have access to. Enjoy at a festival, beach, party or just out & about.

HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? 4 to 6 days. Avoid applying lotions and soaps on tattoos.

HOW DO I APPLY METALLIC TATTOOS? 1. Make sure your skin is dry and clean. 2. Cut out tattoo as close to the design as possible. 3. Remove the clear plastic cover, and place the tattoo face down onto your skin. 4. Wet tattoo thoroughly and press tattoo against the skin, wait 30 seconds. 5. Peel off backing paper from your skin

NOTE: Do not apply to sensitive skin, your eyes, or if you're allergic to adhesives.

HOW DO I REMOVE TATTOOS? Simply apply baby oil or rubbing alcohol to skin and gently scrub off. Repeat as necessary
Cat Wooden Clutch
Cutest clutch you will ever own!! Very sturdy, magnetic closure, gold strap. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR A LARGER VIEW.